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Today is World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS Day. Last year nearly a half million babies were born with HIV. More than 33 million people worldwide were living with HIV. That's up from 26.2 million in 1999. Despite that staggering statistic,AIDS organizations are making progress i

Movie Review: Made in Dagenham - Striking a blow for women

I had the chance to attend a screening of Made in Dagenham last night at the Raleigh Studios and recommend it to anyone with a social conscience who might have trouble remembering that women didn't always have equal rights. In fact the film should be req

The Art of the Mixed Tape

Imagine you were handed an array of crayons, markers, paint, glitter -  the works - and left in a plain, white room for as long as you needed to make your artistic vision, whatever it may be, come to life before your eyes. There are no rules, you don’

ChickSpeak hearts Chelsea Handler

She’s hilarious, honest, adorable, and above all else, she’s definitely someone id love to be friends with.  She’s the uber talented Chelsea Handler, and chances are she’s soon to be coming to a city near you. Handler, the hysterical host of her


Secretary Clinton to Launch Women’s World Cup Initiative

< p> Pretty Smart! On Monday June 6, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will launch the ...more

Amnesty International honors Joan Baez for a lifetime of Human Rights Advocacy

Amnesty International turns 50 this year, and closely linked to Amnesty’s legacy of championing hu...more

Al Qaeda's Latest Jihadist Women's eMagazine

Tips on how to meet a terrorist husband? Ideas for keeping your skin beautiful underneath a niqab? P...more

Girl Up Pep Rally

More than 400 girls and (and some boys) from all over LA joined gathered at the Marlborough School i...more

Take your daughters to the polls!

On this election day, we thought this video – produced by the White House Project – was appropri...more

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CDC Reports Asthma Cases On The Rise; Your Vehicle's Cabin Air Filter Can Help

Brought to you by Purolator Filters  A study released recently by the United States Centers for...more

[Video] Meet pro surfer Coco Ho

Nineteen year old Coco Ho (@Coco_Ho)  was born and raised at Sunset Beach on the North Shore of Oa...more

Squash Food Cues & Lose Weight

Losing weight and keeping it off for good has a lot more to do with your head then your stomach. You...more

2011 Empire State Building Run-Up

The 34th annual NYRR Empire State Building Run-Up is set to take place on Tuesday, 1 February 2011....more

Why Obama Can’t Make Kids Healthy (a different take on the nutrition bill)

Pens don’t make change, actions do. A few days ago, President Obama signed a nutrition bill. Also ...more

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Car Business Language & Lingo-Epilogue

“Using All The Terms In One Short Story” I was going into work one day and my thoughts were focused on selling a car. I had a couple of bad days where it seemed like everything went wrong. The “Up” I had turned out to be a “Bogue” that was a...more

Gas-Saving Tips for Trying Times

Brought to you by ASE - National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence Every day seems to bring higher prices at the gas pump. Some commuters are sharing rides, others are taking public transportation. But if you are like countless others, you ...more

The Ultimate Gas Savings Suite

Gas prices.  The very mention of the term makes my stomach clench.  Is there no end in sight?  Everyone seems to have somewhere to lay the blame, and my Facebook and Twitter feeds are seeing more and more pumpside rants as people post enraged photos o...more

FTC Provides “Tips on Making Most of Your Auto Warranty”

Brought to you by Car Care Council The FTC offers these tips to help consumers make smart decisions and get the most out of their auto warranties: Read the warranty that came with the car, or check the “owners” section of the manufacturer’s We...more

Q. What actions are you taking to cope with rising gas prices? A. Not much!

This year, the folks at Kelley Blue Book asked the question, "What actions are you taking to cope with rising gas prices?" and America answered.  The question is one of their regular Quick Polls to drivers nationwide, and the results of this particular ...more

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