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Today is World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS Day. Last year nearly a half million babies were born with HIV. More than 33 million people worldwide were living with HIV. That's up from 26.2 million in 1999. Despite that staggering statistic,AIDS organizations are making progress i

Movie Review: Made in Dagenham - Striking a blow for women

I had the chance to attend a screening of Made in Dagenham last night at the Raleigh Studios and recommend it to anyone with a social conscience who might have trouble remembering that women didn't always have equal rights. In fact the film should be req

The Art of the Mixed Tape

Imagine you were handed an array of crayons, markers, paint, glitter -  the works - and left in a plain, white room for as long as you needed to make your artistic vision, whatever it may be, come to life before your eyes. There are no rules, you don’

ChickSpeak hearts Chelsea Handler

She’s hilarious, honest, adorable, and above all else, she’s definitely someone id love to be friends with.  She’s the uber talented Chelsea Handler, and chances are she’s soon to be coming to a city near you. Handler, the hysterical host of her


Raising the barre: The reinvention of classical ballet

If you think Swan Lake or The Nutcracker when you think of ballet, think again. Many contemporary tr...more

‎Thinking about Lombardi on Broadway

I have had a lot of coaches in my life. I have only recently begun to understand why they matter so ...more

Marcia Milgrom Dodge: A Director’s Story

Marcia Milgrom Dodge has been working as a theatre director for 30 years. This past year she made...more

The Tonys and Hollywood

photo by Brian Bedder/Getty Images Last night one of the things that was so interesting about the...more

The Lilly Awards — Kristin Chenoweth’s Statement

On Monday night a packed house gathered at Playwrights Horizons people in NYC to celebrate women wor...more

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Top power female athletes of 2011

Apparently Bloomberg BusinessWeek creates an annual Sports Power list by choosing the 100 most powe...more

Kim wins sports award as woman of the year

Korean figure skater Kim Yu-na became the first Asian to earn the Sportswoman of the Year honor yest...more

Lady Gaga, Oprah and Danica Patrick Top 100 Most Power Women - Forbes

Forbes just launched its very diverse and mixed bag, Power Women Issue, which is lead by first Lad...more

America selects Grand Prize winners in the Shell V-Power® 'Fuel My Passion' Contest and Sweepstakes!

  Five Contest Winners Receive One Year of Shell V-Power® Gasoline; and One Lucky Sweepstakes...more

Australians set record for fastest stiletto race

In the wake of last week’s LIVE’s  High Heel-a-Thon to benefit the Heart Association, four Aust...more

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The Royal Wedding: Kate Middleton Breaks with Tradition by Arriving in a Car

The Royal Wedding date is upon us!  On Friday, April 29, the world will watch as Kate Middleton arrives at Westminster Abbey a commoner, and departs a Princess as the wife of Prince William.  But there's a modern twist in all this pomp and circumstanc...more

Gotta Have Heart – The Best Sports Couples

Have you ever noticed how singers and actors always to seem to hook up with each other? There’s Gwen and Gavin, Brad and Angelina… the list goes on and on. Well in sports, it’s no different. In honor of Valentine’s Day, here’s a look at some of ...more

Legendary Female Boxer Shot and Stabbed - Accused is Her Husband

The scary details: Cops in Orange County, Florida claim the 42-year-old former boxing champion -- who once fought on an undercard for Mike Tyson -- managed to stumble out of her home and flag down a passing motorist ... who took Christy to a local hosp...more

My Date With Freedom

New York is in its most amazing prime: fall.The leaves are changing, the weather is ideal for a light weight everything, and each sight you see is just absolutely gorgeous. To celebrate the majesty of the season, I decided to take myself on a date. ...more

As school starts, a reminder about violence against women and girls

From HuffingtonPost: Back to School, Back to Rape. An informative read about the prevalence of violence against women and young girls. Quick hits from the article: 1 in 4 college women are a victim of rape . One in three teens report dating violenc...more

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