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Mad Men women writers part whatever

posted by Women & Hollywood
Friday, July 30, 2010 at 4:19pm CDT

I don’t know why this is one of my bugaboos but every since Mad Men put all its female writers out in the Wall Street Journal before last year’s premiere and declared the show was basically written by women I’ve been watching the women writers on the show.

As you know two women writers who both won Emmys for their work, Kater Gordon and Robin Veith, have both left and were replaced by men.  Keep in mind that both men who were hired were hired at a more senior level.  Jonathan Abrahams is a producer and Keith Huff is a co-producer.

So let’s look at the women from the Wall Street Journal article:

Marti Noxon, Lisa Albert, Kater Gordon, Dahvi Waller, Robin Veith, Cathryn Humphris, Maria Jacquemetton.

Of those seven, four have left.  From what I could tell from the credits this past Sunday night only one of the four women has been replaced by another woman.

Based on my unscientific count, there are 11 people with producer credits in their title.  Four of them are women.  That means that seven are guys (including Matthew Weiner.)

Here are the women writers on Mad Men:

Consulting Producer – Janet Leahy

Consulting Producer- Lisa Albert (last season she was a supervising producer)

Producer – Davhi Waller (last season she was a co-producer)

Co-Executive Producers – Maria Jacquemetto (last season she was a consulting producer)

I also found it strange that the credits for some of the producers (remember producers are writers on TV) are at the end of the show while some of them are at the beginning.  My experience in watching the ton of TV that I do is that all the producer and writing credits are at the top of the show.

So let’s be clear.  Mad Men is not dominated by women writers.

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